New beginning

28 08 2010

All in all a strange week… ECSCRM 2010 starts tomorrow. Six of us have made the journey out to Sundvolden for the week and hopefully Rupert will be providing a daily commentary on the ups and downs of the conference. The posters were all finished on time (a big thanks to the staff at our print services section). This meant we had the chance of a dry run before we went …
ECSCRM 2010 Poster Demo

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What is ‘Resilient Technology’ anyway ?

24 08 2010

Now that the content is flowing, it’s time to describe the background to all this. Resilient technology (in our mind anyway) is the ability to provide a technology solution that will function in any environment, no matter what. This may be a sensor that measures air quality in an underground system that can function after a terrorist incident, or a system for a deep space probe bound for Jupiter, or the surface of Venus. In both cases the ability to produce accurate data is essential.

The next question then, is how?

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ECSCRM Posters

23 08 2010

These are the posters for this years ECSCRM conference. The Photocapacitance Poster is a study of photocapacitance in SiC / dielectric stacks and the DFT Poster a DFT study on silicon in graphene, which is in collaboration with friends at NRL. Following these, Omid’s poster on DC-DC Converters, Rupert’s poster on Proton Irradiation Damage, Ben’s poster on Ohmic Contact Formation and Hassan’s on JFET Ciruit Variability have all been sent to print. Somebody is going to have some very heavy luggage on the plane!

Hi, I’m Simon

21 08 2010

As the title suggests my name is Simon and I am the next member of the team to say hi on the new blog. I am sadly not going to ECSCRM this year but I am keeping up appearances at this years IEEE Sensors Conference. It’s a tough job but someones got to do it!

I’m presenting work on high temperature vibration energy harvesting, it’s a poster this time around which will be a new experience for me. As I am the only one going I’ll be solo blogging the event and hopefully find a few pearls that some of you will find useful.

In the mean time you can learn a little more about my life at the Slotzz Blog or with this search term at the EE Times. Oh, and you should follow me on twitter here

Omid’s Post No.1

20 08 2010

Hi there!

I’m Omid and I’m a 1st year PhD student. I will also be part of the team going to ECSCRM, Oslo, Norway, 2010, and I am going to present my poster.

Bear’s first post

20 08 2010

Hello all out there in the real world. I’m Rupert (better known as Bear) and I’m a 3rd year PhD, and generally considered as office “mum”.

I will be part of the team going to ECSCRM10 and if I have to stare at my poster 1 more time I will lose the plot! You will be hearing plenty from me and my trusty sidekick Benny as we endever to get as much free food on the Uni account as possible, and we might go to some talks too….

IEEE Sensors 2009

20 08 2010

Our paper from last years Sensors conference (in Christchurch of all places) has just been published. A full pdf version can be obtained from the IEEEXPLORE website. People who can’t access this directly, send me an email and I’ll sort out a copy for you.