ECSCRM Posters

23 08 2010

These are the posters for this years ECSCRM conference. The Photocapacitance Poster is a study of photocapacitance in SiC / dielectric stacks and the DFT Poster a DFT study on silicon in graphene, which is in collaboration with friends at NRL. Following these, Omid’s poster on DC-DC Converters, Rupert’s poster on Proton Irradiation Damage, Ben’s poster on Ohmic Contact Formation and Hassan’s on JFET Ciruit Variability have all been sent to print. Somebody is going to have some very heavy luggage on the plane!




3 responses

24 08 2010

That would be me n Ben

28 08 2010
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17 09 2010
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