January …

31 01 2011

It’s been a quick month. So much has happened, there’s hardly been time to blink. Lucy started today, which brings the size of the team up to eleven (must get a new group photo!), so the push is going to be on getting people to graduate. First up will be Rupert, then Hassan, Simon and possibly Ben in the final run up to Christmas. It’s going to be a busy year for thesis proofing, not to mention the cost of printing, binding, etc
Last week was the internal research conference, the PGC2011, which after some initial challenges has proved to be extremely well and efficiently run. With plenary talks from Imagination Technologies (the people behind all kinds of clever integrated circuits and Pure DAB radios) and Dyson, this is the chance for all the researchers in the School to showcase their work. Two days of high quality talks and posters, coupled with a decent quantity of food, the efforts of Shirin and the rest of the committee have been well placed.
On top of that, teaching started again this morning, so my time is now spent enthusing large numbers of people about the joys of semiconductors and optoelectronics.

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