This is an experimental page. The University has released a ‘Student Charter‘ which outlines how we will provide education for all the students (and our expectations on them). As part of this, a suggestion has been made that we should all put a sheet of paper on our office doors to show our availability for students. This seems a bit 18th Century to me, so I’m trying something a bit more up-to-date (only a bit!) and I’m going for a QR Code on my door, which links to here. So, this is not really part of the Resilient Technology group activity, just a beta trial for me doing my best not to comply (no surprises here … )

First week of January 2013
Friday Annual leave – all day
Week beginning the 7th of January 2013
Thursday 12:00 Tutorial
Friday 12:00 Research meeting
Friday 13:00 Research Group Meeting
Friday 14:00 Surgery Hours
Week beginning the 14th of January 2013
Exam period
Week beginning the 21st of January 2013
Exam period
Wednesday Harsh Environment Electronics – Newmarket – all day
Thursday Annual Research Conference – all day
Week beginning the 28th of January 2013
Monday 9:00 Optoelectronics – L3-02 – Merz Court
Thursday 10:00 Optoelectronics – L3-02 – Merz Court – lecture postponed this week only
Friday 10:00 Stage 3 Projects
Friday 11:00 Research group meeting
Friday 12:00 Surgery hours (until 14:00)
Friday 14:00 Innovation & Comms – L3-01 – Merz Court
Friday 15:00 Optoelectronics (MSc) – L2-02 – Merz Court

QR Code

The QR Code to reach this page


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