31 03 2011

Hot off the press is our paper on the deployment of energy harvester powered radio sensor nodes, which has just appeared in the first edition of the IET Wireless Sensor Systems journal. Unfortunately, we didn’t make page 1 (would have made memorising the reference easier), but it’s great to see this in print. The best bit, is that the paper is freely available to everyone until the end of June, so if you fancy a look, it can be downloaded from the IET Digital Library


Results !

22 03 2011

It’s been chaos around here – again. Rupert has handed in the final copy of his PhD thesis and so it’s now my job to get it cleared by his external sponsors so we can get it in the Graduate School. Then it’s just a viva and he will have escaped.

On top of this the results are in from Ben’s sensors and we have hit the jackpot with this! This last week, we have shown that we can fabricate gas sensing arrays in silicon carbide, which opens up the possibility of uniquely identifying the concentrations of individual gases in a mixture. This is a substantial step forward in the state of the art in SiC technology and we are dead excited. So much so, Ben spent the whole of Saturday night telling anybody within about ten mies of this … I suspect his impromptu audience didn’t see the magic in this. Further results are on hold as the first casualty was the hydrogen cylinder running out, so a phone call to BOC has a new one on the way up from Speciality Gases at Morden.

This has had a knock on for the graphene project as well, so Kartheek is stuck in the clean room trying to perfect his reverse lithography technique so he can get a greater number of devices out for when we are back in business. However, he needs some really fine features and this is causing him a lot of anguish!

Prize winning presentations

7 03 2011

In all the excitement recently I’ve forgotten that we continued the winning run at the internal research conference. Following last years result where we won the poster competition, when Leonie and Omid produced the best posters in the School, we have awards in two categories to celebrate this time round. Firstly, Kartheek produced the best poster

Graphene contacts titanium chromium

Kartheek's poster from PGC2011

and then Ben achieved second place for the best oral presentation, for his study on the integration of Ohmic contact technology with high K dielectrics

Graphene bonds!

3 03 2011

Having identified in a previous post that wire bonding to contacts on a graphene device is tricky if the underlying metals have a low binding energy, we have now solved the problem!

Wire bond graphene solution

Gold wedge bonds on a dummy graphene gas sensor

Whilst this chip doesn’t have the full etch steps required to produce our intended gas sensor structures, this is a substantial step forward in our research.

Group Photo

1 03 2011

I’ve finally managed to get the majority of the team together in one place long enough to record the event for posterity.

Resilient technology group

First sunny day in Newcastle this year

From left to right :

Hua Khee Chan – Noise in SiC devices
Kartheek Nagareddy – Graphene technology
Amit Tiwari – Diamond thermionic devices
Lucy Martin – Optimising SiC integrated circuits
Ben Furnival – SiC gas sensing arrays
Leonie Cunnington – Solid state neural probe arrays
Alton – Signing paperwork
Simon Barker – Energy harvesting for hostile environments
Dan Brennan – SiC wireless technology
Rupert Stevens – SiC JFETs for hostile environment circuits
Omid Mostaghimi – SiC DC-DC Converters

Missing today – Hassan Habib – Simulation of SiC logic circuits

If you want to drop us a line, we can all be found at