Media Delirium …

24 09 2010

The end is probably now in sight. There’s not been any new requests for information and although the New Scientist print version (we’re on page 23) has hit the streets today (if you are a subscriber anyway), it appears most people read it online. The prize for outstanding coverage goes to The Journal, who ran a full double page colour spread of the whole extreme technology capability, including a huge 1 square foot image of yours truly, to then spell my name wrong everywhere in the article …

All in all, this has been great. We’ve made breaking news stories all over the world, from Iran to Ghana and Indonesia to the US. How do we follow this for the next one … ? We’ll just have to wait and see.


1000th hit

22 09 2010

The publicity generated by our press release has certainly been reflected on the blog as well. We’ve increased the number of hits dramatically in the last few days, and reached the dizzying heights of 1000. A big thanks to everyone who has visited and come back soon, there will be further updates!

I’m taking this as a good time to have a day off, grab some sleep and come back on Friday to see how everything has turned out.

Media Hysteria !

22 09 2010

More interest overnight. People are starting to consider applications beyond volcanoes, so today it’s phone calls with people from homeland defence and first responders. I’ve also been asked to appear on an educational podcast for the Museum of Science in Boston, which sounds really exciting! It’s also become apparent, that we are on slashdot, with a pretty healthy debate, even if some of the comments appear to be (more than slightly!) unrelated to the original post.

icelandic volcano image

The next big opportunity is the Discovery Channel, who are in Toronto (face to face meeting please !) with an interest in filming us putting one of these in a proper volcano. Good job volcanoes are in sunny parts of the world … might be a good job for someone in February

Hopefully things are going to start to calm down now. Much as though I’ve enjoyed my five minutes of fame, the amount of other work is starting to become alarming and term starts on Monday. In any case, I’m not sure if I can think of a post title to follow “Media Hysteria’ …

Media Frenzy !

21 09 2010

This just rolls on and on. In the excitement of yesterday, I missed the Daily Mail running the story and at hometime the American press system started to move on this as well. I’m talking to The Atlantic this afternoon and we have started to get interest from a number of companies who are looking to use this technology, from first responders to scientific investigations.

Iceland volcano eruption

The Icelandic Volcano eruption - Photo Marco Fulle

Big news – we’re on the BBC and ITN across the UK!

Added to this, we have noticed stories out there written in other languages, so our plans for world domination are on track !

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Media Circus !

20 09 2010

A further update on the phenomenal response to our press release. Having been in dead early this morning to be interviewed live by BBC Radio Newcastle (available online for the next few days on iPlayer – it starts somewhere around 1:20), the phone rang and it was Helen Ford from Tyne Tees News. Two hours later and she has gone back to the studio to create a masterpiece, which will be on the telly at 6:00 tonight. The report is now out on the ITV website (for the next few days !)

Helen Ford Tyne Tees News

Helen Ford filming Ben and Leonie in the lab

I also found out from Sophie, who did this mornings interview, that some 55,000 people will have been listening live on Radio Newcastle! That’s a pretty staggering number (for me anyway!). Hopefully a bit of peace now, so we can develop the next idea … Well that lasted all of an hour … we’ve just appeared on the FastCompany webpage, so the chance to slope off early appears to have vanished, yet again …

Press Release !

17 09 2010

We circulated a press release this week. With help from Louella in our press office, we have circulated details about our research and the response has been phenomenal. First up was The Engineer and they have an interview with me, which is currently on the front page of their web page. Hopefully this will move into the print version as well (fingers crossed).

At lunchtime, I received a phone call from BBC Newcastle, who are coming to do a live interview (help!) on Monday morning, to go in the 7:50 slot. Apparently this is the second most listened to slot in their programme and we are currently listed on the national diary, so if it’s a slow news day, we may yet be going all across the country!

And then, it was New Scientist asking for an interview. We should be on their online magazine by Monday and hopefully in the paper version by a week today.

Without time to catch breath, we have been contacted by a writer from TechNewsDaily in New York, who syndicates stories to USA Today, MSNBC and Fox News. We’re due to talk Monday afternoon, which is early doors in the US. Finally (for now at any rate) the broadsheets have been showing interest and contacting Louella for pictures, which will work nicely with the two page spread in the Newcastle Journal on Thursday and the normal news story, which was out on Monday.

That’s the thing with this job, never the same two days running …


17 09 2010

The final post from this years ECSCRM conference. Whilst six of us made the big trip, I managed to get a few days holiday, which didn’t get as far away as I had perhaps thought. There’s a prize for the first person to identify where this was taken …

St Abbs Head ECSCRM 2010

Meanwhile, on the other side of the water, in an idyllic woodland retreat the rest of the team were working hard

Sunvolden ECSCRM 2010 Venue

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