Reader freezes balls and electrocutes gherkins …

30 03 2012

A hugely successful day out yesterday, as our roadshow made an appearance at Hetton School. Whilst this is a long day (especially for those of us who don’t teach much) it was fantastic. The kids are so enthusiastic and the teachers are really switched on to the benefits of technology and how it can improve the future.

cryogen engineering exhilarating

Having shown the science (and fun) of liquid cryogens, it was time for the grand finale, where the challenge is for the kids to use their scientific knowledge to make predictions and then understand their observations. Whilst electrocuting gherkins is fun and makes a good spectacle, it does make people realise why they are yellow and tie this into how you can find your way home at night.

Hetton School Gherkin Exhilarating Engineering

Next stop on our grand tour is Bede Academy in Blyth at the end of April!




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