Extreme Technology hits the road

22 03 2012

There’s lots to update on here from the past few weeks, a lot of which relates to us being out of the office. Since Christmas, Karthik has been to NRL for six weeks, Omid presented his work at the PECI conference (more on that in another post) in Illinois, Ben has returned from his time at Raytheon, Amit was at the diamond conference in Hasselt in Belgium and me, I got as far as North Tyneside!

Exhilarating resilient technology John Spence

Yesterday, I was at John Spence School in North Tyneside enthusing people into the joys of engineering, mostly by showing things that Engineering can do for you, such as electromagnetism and the challenges of really cold things. This was a fun way to follow my last public event, where I was on stage as part of the Bright Club event at the start of Newcastle Science Fest.

Bright Club Science Fest Newcastle

Bright Club is a lot of fun (although I might not have agreed with you five minutes before I went on) where scientists go along and talk about their research in a stand up comedy setting, to a paying audience. Originally devised in London, these have been described by The Guardian as “a ‘thinking person’s’ comedy night”, and by Londonist as “where funny meets brains”. The next one is sometime in June, come along you will be amazed!




One response

27 03 2012
Ewan Ramsay

Looks like Alton “At The bright Club” is about to tell the “what happens when a Silicon Carbide Basal plane defect met a screw dislocation under high energy conditions” Joke . Or perhaps he’s about to break into song.

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