Power Electronics Conference

16 09 2011

Whilst the team are out in Cleveland showing the world our achievements, the rest of us back here in a damp Newcastle are continuing our push to hit more of the big conferences. This week sees the abstract deadline for the Power Electronics, Machines and Drives conference, which is to be held in Bristol in March. Omid is putting the finishing touches to his abstracts, one of which describes the first demonstration of an all silicon carbide Pulse Width Modulator gate drive circuit. This circuit allows us to control the duty cycle across the entire range and we are currently using it to drive a power FET in a DC-DC converter. We will find out on the 4th of November if we have been successful, so here’s hoping!

The next outing for our resilient technology work is going to be for the new first years during induction week. A new idea is to show the new students how what they are going to learn in the first couple of years of their degree is going to be driven by our research and how they are going to help shape the world when they leave. This should be great fun and will mean that we can find the old demos, such as the flame thrower!

SiC high temperature test flame

Silicon Carbide electronics under extreme testing




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