ICSCRM 2011 – Day FOUR

16 09 2011

Well  today began with the usual sweet breakfast treats (I now love muffins and bagels…jokes) and as we were joined by Kurt and Nick for breakfast I ditched Lucy as she had some important talks to go to including the first of the day on Phosphorus doped gate oxides in 4H-SiC MOSFETs. While Lucy was hard at work Kurt, Nick and I relaxed whilst discussing American geographical history and Kurt’s experience in driving all the way from east coast to west coast in about three days!

After the mid morning break we attended a few talks on defects and reliability and then spent some time organizing all of the photographs and information we had gathered so far.

At lunch we met some very interesting characters from a range of different backgrounds, which brought up a very opinionated discussion on graphene and its potential in future technologies. Unlike me there were several skeptics present but I think I managed to convince them of its uses.

The afternoon had some very interesting talks for both Lucy and I and it was very refreshing to not have to present any posters! I attended some talks on sensors and LEDs where guys from NASA presented high temperature wire bonding and packaging technologies, which was of great relevance and interest to us. Lucy attended another MOS processing and characterisation session, which was also very useful in many ways particularly the discussion of ways to improve the oxide quality in MOS devices. Options which were discussed both experimental and theoretical investigations into the use of of sodium, rubidium, phosphorus and potassium in gate oxides to improve oxide quality.

The final session of the day was the most important of the week for me as it was 2 hours completely dedicated to Graphene devices and practical applications. The highlights of the afternoon were the talks from  IBM on graphene integrated circuits and a talk from Joshua Robinson on graphene field effect transistors. It is very exciting to be surrounded with so much interest and advancement in the area of graphene and it has definitely motivated me and given me many ideas for my future work in my project.

To top off a good day, the conference banquet was held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by the waterfront in Cleveland. The food was great and we got plenty of time to explore the exhibitions. Once again I also had the opportunity to discuss graphene research with Kurt and Yu-Ming Lin from IBM, which a fabulous opportunity to question some intelligent graphene minds, whilst Lucy pretended to understand the discussions!

I’ll be updating soon with information on the location of ICSCRM 2013 when it is announced at the end of the conference closing plenary.




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