15 09 2011

After having a standard American Breakfast (Bagel and a Muffin), third day of the conference started off with an important session related to Lucy’s MOS work, with talks on Frequency-Dependent Charge Pumping, Temperature Dependent Hall Mobility in SiC MOSFETs. While she attended the second session on MOS processing and characterisation, I attended the important parallel session on graphene growth and characterisation.

During the session, Kurt invited me to join him for lunch, where i met one of his post-doc’s Luke Nyakiti (XPS and Raman Spectroscopist on graphene).  Had a very crucial and lengthy discussion with him about Raman imaging and analysing graphene layers.

Later in the afternoon, Lucy and I presented Ben’s and HK’s posters, while Nick presented Simon’s. Again, all our posters were very well received, and this time around Ben’s work on SiC Hydrogen gas sensors has attracted much attention from the audience.  So again Lucy was busy exchanging quite a few business cards with them.


Lucy prepares for questions on Ben's poster

Looks like people are still in Lucy’s poster hangover (presented on monday), as one of the researchers (Dr. Ruby Ghosh) from Michigan State University approached her to discuss about her work in detail and wanted to be in touch even after the conference!!

So far, conference has been really great…meeting new people, exploring new ideas and opportunities. Apart from the conference, we are being treated as guests to the city in restaurants and couple of them even offered extra “diet coke” for free :).  Oh Apparently, people in Cleveland like Lucy’s accent and they think she’s Australian!!!!!!

Tomorrow has got the biggest session of whole conference on Graphene Devices, which will be chaired by Kurt….can’t wait to be there!!





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