ICSCRM 2011 – Day TWO

14 09 2011

Second day of the conference started off with a couple of interesting talks on Graphene. In the first talk, they observed how graphene grown on n-type SiC and p-type SiC effects its I-V characteristics and its corresponding temperature behaviour. The second talk focused on intercalation of Ge atoms between SiC and Graphene layer to achieve ambipolar behaviour in epitaxial graphene.   We attended few more talks after this session on  SiC based BJTs and VJEFETs.

Then we had a very nice Lunch with Kurt, Travis, Ginger (all from NRL), Nick wright, Michael Briere (from international rectifiers inc) and some other guys from Keithley…..most part of our discussion during the lunch was on graphene, crazy american sports and Kurt’s unsuccessful attempts to be in the college American football team during his college days!!

After that i had an important meeting with Kurt about my project and then he introduced me to his big team of researchers. Had a very lengthy intriguing discussion about the graphene growth, and characterisation techniques with them, and some other serious players in graphene research from gremany joined in, which spiced up the whole discussion.

Later in the evening Lucy and I presented posters on Omid’s and Amits research work. Considering the fact that neither of us are experts in the field of DC-DC converters or Diamond,  both posters were decently received by the audience.

After the poster session, we went out for dinner with Raytheon guys and then to ‘Dow Corning’ Blues party. Then returned back to hotel tired. We are still struggling to adjust to the time variation 😦

After a very useful and pleasing day, tomorrow, i’ll be presenting HK’s poster on Noise and Lucy will be presenting Ben’s work on SiC sensors and simon’s SiC solar cells.





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