ICSCRM 2011 – Day ONE

13 09 2011

Hello everyone, i’m Kartheek, one of the lucky ones from our research group to attend this year’s ICSCRM in Cleveland. I’m in charge of five posters from the group and Lucy will be handling the other five.

Today I presented two posters including my work on Graphene chemical sensors and Dan’s SiC Oscillator. Lucy presented hers on n and p channel MOSFETs and Chris’s work on SiO2/SiC interface on illumination.  It was bit of a challenge for us to manage all four posters at the same time. However, have to say all our posters were really well received and especially Lucy’s work on MOSFETs has got such an incredible attention from the audience that she even ran out of her business cards and had to come to me to have some more.

Apart from the posters, one of the opening plenary talks in the morning session on ‘ role of wide bandgap semiconductors for clean energy innovation’ from the newly formed US govt agency ‘ARPA-Energy’ was very exciting. They are working on some ridiculously funded ($400 million) projects such as, better efficient batteries for energy storage in transportation, cost effective grid scale energy storage, exploration of materials for soft magnetics, high voltage switches, and electrofuels.

We also attended the afternoon session on MOSFETs, where i tried to record the talks but soon my memory card ran out of memory 😦 However, the work no 3C-SiC MOSFETs was really impressive, with channel mobilities of around 370cm2V-1s-1 at room temperature. This is close to ten times those seen in 4H-SiC and whilst the ultimate operating temperature might be lower in 3C than 4H, the ability to operate at 300C will open up a significant market for ‘beyond silicon’ electronics.

3C MOSFET mobility

3C MOSFET mobility

Second day of the conference (tomorrow) starts with an intriguing session on GaN-Graphene hetero-junctions. Really excited to attend that one.  Apart from that we will be presenting three more posters late in the afternoon on Amit’s work on diamond, Omid’s DC-DC Converters and possibly Konstantin’s work on graphene.

I’ll be posting the conference updates (hopefully) at the end of each day of the conference.





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