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22 03 2011

It’s been chaos around here – again. Rupert has handed in the final copy of his PhD thesis and so it’s now my job to get it cleared by his external sponsors so we can get it in the Graduate School. Then it’s just a viva and he will have escaped.

On top of this the results are in from Ben’s sensors and we have hit the jackpot with this! This last week, we have shown that we can fabricate gas sensing arrays in silicon carbide, which opens up the possibility of uniquely identifying the concentrations of individual gases in a mixture. This is a substantial step forward in the state of the art in SiC technology and we are dead excited. So much so, Ben spent the whole of Saturday night telling anybody within about ten mies of this … I suspect his impromptu audience didn’t see the magic in this. Further results are on hold as the first casualty was the hydrogen cylinder running out, so a phone call to BOC has a new one on the way up from Speciality Gases at Morden.

This has had a knock on for the graphene project as well, so Kartheek is stuck in the clean room trying to perfect his reverse lithography technique so he can get a greater number of devices out for when we are back in business. However, he needs some really fine features and this is causing him a lot of anguish!




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20 04 2011
Chemical Sensors « Resilient Technology Blog

[…] the gas sensor findings from a few weeks ago, where we showed that we can make an array that can discriminate between species in a mixture, rather than just the overall level, our first […]

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