Simulation beats Experiment …

17 12 2010

The motion was not carried at This House Believes earlier today. Jon makes a very tough adversary and he certainly had the crowd enthralled during his presentation. Both talks had something for all the family, from Feynman to Lord Kelvin and Harry Hill to the Simpsons, via the Schroedinger equation and the Large Hadron Collider. After almost an hour and a half, a lot of which was questions from the audience, we came to the vote.

This House Believes Experimental Science

Before the debate

So it all came down to numbers. Seven voted for the motion, nine against. That handed victory to the simulation enthusiasts (although two of the experimental crowd left before the vote, so it could have been sooooo close …) and so for the next twelve moths, we have to admit that although experimental science has so much going for it, simulation is king. Until the next round anyway …

And with that it’s the end of the year for us. It’s Christmas and we’re all back on the 4th of Jan

The presentations are available for anyone who is interested – This House Believes – The Case For and This House Believes – The Case Against.




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