JFETs and Circuits …

18 11 2010

The JFETs are back from being diced and so it’s time to move up a gear. The first challenge is to simulate the behaviour of our eventual circuits, so having spent hours and hours testing the devices, we’ve dropped the parameters into SPICE. We’re pretty happy with the results, as can be seen below…

Silicon Carbide JFET data SPICE

SPICE model for SiC JFET

Having got that to work, the next stage is to come up with a viable design for an amplifier. In our case, we are interested in running these devices as charge sensitive amplifiers and so we run the simulation by putting a small charge in to the front end.

Charge sensitive amplifier circuit

The results of this has beaten our expectations and we can produce 0.5V from a handful of nA, with a good linearity. This suggests that we will be able to use these devices to act as amplifiers for radiation spectroscopy in the future and we may be able to produce a monolithic active pixel!
JFET charge amplifier silicon carbide results




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