Results !

25 10 2010

Always a proud day. Like a proud father, Rupert has brought his JFETS out of the clean room and has spent the afternoon carefully assessing their performance on the characterisation system.

silicon carbide JFET testing

Rupert tests his latest creation

The results of his endeavours are better than we hoped. Initial results show an on state current of 100 microamps from a small device (the big ones are 10mA) with a gate leakage some three orders of magnitude lower. This is a big step forward and show results which compare favourably to those at NASA, based on the use of 6H SiC. The choice of polytype should allow our devices to operate beyond 500C, which is the limit of the results they have quoted in the literature. Watch this space – there’s a lot more to come on this one!

silicon carbide JFET characteristics

Drain current (Blue) and gate current (Red) for a long channel JFET




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