Media Frenzy !

21 09 2010

This just rolls on and on. In the excitement of yesterday, I missed the Daily Mail running the story and at hometime the American press system started to move on this as well. I’m talking to The Atlantic this afternoon and we have started to get interest from a number of companies who are looking to use this technology, from first responders to scientific investigations.

Iceland volcano eruption

The Icelandic Volcano eruption - Photo Marco Fulle

Big news – we’re on the BBC and ITN across the UK!

Added to this, we have noticed stories out there written in other languages, so our plans for world domination are on track !

Added to this, we are listed as the number one hit on google for ‘volcano sensor‘ and the number of hits for ‘Alton Horsfall‘ is growing by the hour, including

Softpedia, The register, MSNBC, The Daily Mail, Ubergizmo, Newcastle Journal, All Headline News, Bigthink, Sapo (in Portugese), Scienceblog, New Design World, Zaman, Inilah (In Indonesian ?)

Thanks to Simon who dug all these out for me this morning …




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