Media Circus !

20 09 2010

A further update on the phenomenal response to our press release. Having been in dead early this morning to be interviewed live by BBC Radio Newcastle (available online for the next few days on iPlayer – it starts somewhere around 1:20), the phone rang and it was Helen Ford from Tyne Tees News. Two hours later and she has gone back to the studio to create a masterpiece, which will be on the telly at 6:00 tonight. The report is now out on the ITV website (for the next few days !)

Helen Ford Tyne Tees News

Helen Ford filming Ben and Leonie in the lab

I also found out from Sophie, who did this mornings interview, that some 55,000 people will have been listening live on Radio Newcastle! That’s a pretty staggering number (for me anyway!). Hopefully a bit of peace now, so we can develop the next idea … Well that lasted all of an hour … we’ve just appeared on the FastCompany webpage, so the chance to slope off early appears to have vanished, yet again …




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