Press Release !

17 09 2010

We circulated a press release this week. With help from Louella in our press office, we have circulated details about our research and the response has been phenomenal. First up was The Engineer and they have an interview with me, which is currently on the front page of their web page. Hopefully this will move into the print version as well (fingers crossed).

At lunchtime, I received a phone call from BBC Newcastle, who are coming to do a live interview (help!) on Monday morning, to go in the 7:50 slot. Apparently this is the second most listened to slot in their programme and we are currently listed on the national diary, so if it’s a slow news day, we may yet be going all across the country!

And then, it was New Scientist asking for an interview. We should be on their online magazine by Monday and hopefully in the paper version by a week today.

Without time to catch breath, we have been contacted by a writer from TechNewsDaily in New York, who syndicates stories to USA Today, MSNBC and Fox News. We’re due to talk Monday afternoon, which is early doors in the US. Finally (for now at any rate) the broadsheets have been showing interest and contacting Louella for pictures, which will work nicely with the two page spread in the Newcastle Journal on Thursday and the normal news story, which was out on Monday.

That’s the thing with this job, never the same two days running …




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