17 09 2010

The final post from this years ECSCRM conference. Whilst six of us made the big trip, I managed to get a few days holiday, which didn’t get as far away as I had perhaps thought. There’s a prize for the first person to identify where this was taken …

St Abbs Head ECSCRM 2010

Meanwhile, on the other side of the water, in an idyllic woodland retreat the rest of the team were working hard

Sunvolden ECSCRM 2010 Venue

The posters were well received and generated lots of discussion with a wide variety of academic and company researchers.

ECSCRM 2010 Poster

Omid ready for questions

And, as well as having 8 papers in this year (the second highest contribution !) we also got an honourable mention in the presentation by Raytheon Semiconductors, for helping them test their high temperature circuits.

ECSCRM 2010 Circuits presentation

So that’s it for ECSCRM 2010, the fun starts again in Cleveland, Ohio for ICSCRM 2011 (hosted by Phil Neudeck from NASA) and then St Petersburg for ECSCRM 2012.




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