Extreme Technology III

14 09 2010

The end of another interesting day. We had a really high turnout for the third Extreme Technologies day up here in Newcastle, with over 60 people registering and more turning up on the doorstep. The day comprised a series of talks featuring our research (my talk on Silicon Carbide Technology can be found on the Presentations page) , demonstrations of the work and lab tours. The demonstrations are great fun for us, especially when you work in high temperature electronics, as you get the chance to do things you wouldn’t normally consider whilst at work …

Silicon Carbide High Temperature Testing

Big thanks to our press officer, Louella and Mike the photographer who made this image possible, even if it did require the use of a lab coat and safety glasses!
During my talk I made reference to a number of our recent publications, which are available on the publications page, including the work we presented at ECSCRM 2010 only a few days ago.

When the dust settled and the final tour party had seen the cleanroom and dodged the builders, it was time to sit back and wonder how we could beat that for next year …

Extreme Technology III event Newcastle




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