Signal Processing Sandpit

8 09 2010

Another day out of the office. I was director of a Sandpit on the application of Signal Processing to a range of challenges, from bioprocess optimisation to nuclear submarines. The event was held at the Dove Marine Laboratory in Cullercoates Bay. The organising team of Roseanne, Gary and Gavin from the Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre, along with the staff from the Dove, made the whole thing possible.

Marine Research Laboratory Newcastle University

The Dove on a sunny day

The day was spent identifying common challenges and forming new research collaborations with a view to creating more opportunities in the future.

The biggest challenge facing people is that of uncertainty in the data, whether it’s related to failing sensors, random fluctuations in signals or just noise from external sources, this is the biggest challenge. One of the options explored is that of modelling of the system, to predict it’s state and then comparing this to measurements to understand fluctuations. However, it’s difficult to model a highly non-linear system, especially if you can only measure a few of the parameters!

Sandpit Signal Processing Challenge Uncertainty

All in all, a great day out, even if the promised ice cream van didn’t think it was sunny enough for a trip to the coast!




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